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Prestbury St Marys

Galleries Archive 2022-2023


Reception Curriculum Celebration Spring 3 2023 28th Feb 2023
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This term Reception answered the question What can I do in Prestbury? Through enquiry-based sessions, the children discovered you could go to the park, visit the village shop, get petrol from the garage or even visit the library. Each class voted for where they would most like to visit. Red Class visited Prestbury Park and Blue Class visited Prestbury Library. Once back at school, the children represented their journeys by creating individual maps. We also celebrated Lunar New Year and were lucky enough to taste some delicious Chinese food from Caterlink. We created our own lion and dragon dances and made beautiful lanterns. We discovered lots of information such as the national animal, flower, bird, mythical creature, the weather, famous sports and much more – please do ask us to share our knowledge with you. Within our topic ‘Terrific Tales’ we have enjoyed listening to a variety of traditional tales as well as learning two stories off by heart; The Little Red Hen and The Gingerbread Man. Unfortunately, our Gingerbread Man escaped so we spent the last week of term creating wanted posters and searching the school for clues. This term also enabled us to become cyclists! We have had weekly Balanceability sessions with Coach Sam and every child has shown what a fantastic Prestbury Learner they are as they consistently demonstrate resilience. We are looking forward to our final 4 sessions next term. We are continuing to develop our mathematics skills and are starting to mentally recall key number skills such as one more and one less and number bonds to 5. What a wonderful start to 2023!


Y1 Curriculum Celebration Spring Term 3 2023 17th Feb 2023
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What a fun packed term Year 1 have had! We have been looking at what resilience is, listening to stories of people who have shown resilience and discussed how we can develop this skill. We are very proud of everyone for working on this. In literacy we have been focusing on the stories ‘Handa’s Surprise’, ‘Handa’s Hen’ and ‘One Day on our Blue Planet- in the Savannah’. We have been describing characters and the setting using adjectives. We have also become brilliant authors and have written a few stories to share with others. In maths we have been exploring numbers from 10 to 20 and understanding place value. We have been learning to add and subtract using a ten frame and number line. In Geography we have been learning about maps and our local area (before learning about Africa). We really enjoyed walking around our local area. We identified human and physical features, and we made our teachers proud by demonstrating excellent behaviour and fantastic observational skills! In science we learned all about Winter by going for a frosty walk on the field and finding out about what some animals do in Wintertime. We have also been learning about how to group and categorise animals by their common features- mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians. We have loved our Design and technology topic – designing and making fruit kebabs for our friends. Our teachers were impressed with our cutting skills-using the claw and bridge cut correctly! RE lessons have got us thinking Judaism and we have been learning about special objects Jewish people have in their homes. Tuesday afternoon with Coach Sam has been fabulous and an opportunity to develop team work and ball skills. Computing has made us think about how to stay safe online and what to do if you are worried about anything. Our Jigsaw lessons have been discussing our goals and dreams and how to overcome difficulties.