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Prestbury St Marys


The Spring Term has been a busy and creative one in Year 2.  We have been learning about multiplication and division in Maths and had a lot of fun making our own division calculations in table competitions.  Purple and Green Classes have been the first to try a brand-new project, making Animal Masks.  They researched lots of different animals then chose their favourites to draw and develop into 3D paper sculptures, using pastels and collage.  Their final artworks looked incredible and we celebrated them with a grand animal parade!  Our Science work has taken outside into the school grounds hunting for things that are Alive, Once Alive or Never Alive; the children were eagle-eyed, spotting lots of interesting examples for us to share in class. 

Year 2 Curriculum Celebration Spring Term 1 2022

 Victorian Day

On History Day, Year Two travelled back to 1868 for an experience of life as Victorian School Children.  To be completely authentic, we followed the timetable for a school day taken directly for the actual Victorian school log book for own own school!  The children were expected to be seen not heard, and worked through the morning without a break.  Many enjoyed trying the complex Victorian handwriting on writing slates (at least if they weren’t being forced to write with their right hands), but repetitive chanting for Maths and Reading was not as popular.  Of course, some Victorian punishments were inevitable, including the dunce’s hat, finger stocks and a terrifying caning!  Victorian drill proved very different to a PE lesson today, but, by far, our favourite part of the day was playing marbles, skipping and learning hoop and stick during a long lunch lunchtime.  We enjoyed the day but the children voted overwhelmingly to return to 2022 for a more modern approach to learning!


Year 2 Victorian Day

Viney Hill

Year Two’s visit to Viney Hill Christian Adventure Centre was a real triumph!  After several years of limitations, it was wonderful to be out and about again on a Christmas Adventure.  The children took part in an amazing array of activities from bush craft to orienteering and from exploring the church onsite to crawling through tunnels!  Whatever they took part in, team work was essential and throughout the whole day we also learned more about the story of Christmas.  It was a very active day and the children were more than ready to tuck into the healthy, balanced packed lunches they had planned and made for their D&T project.   We all faced the challenges of the day in different ways but everyone came home proud of their achievements.  Thank you to all the parents for sending your children along and a special thank you to the PTFA for making the day affordable by funding the transportation!

Year 2 visit to Viney Hill

 Y2 Spring Term 4 2022 Review

Once again, Year 2 have packed a huge amount of learning and fun into this term.  Our RE work learning, about why Easter is important to Christians, has given us a chance to create some beautiful artworks and explore the Easter story through drama.  We even had our own Easter Bonnet parade to celebrate.  In Design and Technology, we have learned about simple winding mechanisms, drawn up our own ‘design criteria’ and found out how we can improve our products by trying out our ideas.  Geography work saw us set off on a journey navigating around Prestbury using maps and symbols. It didn’t stop there, though, our day of activities learning about India proved very popular, especially the Bollywood dancing and the delicious food we tried full of Indian spices!


Y2 Curriculum Celebration Spring Term 2 2022


Y2 Curriculum Celebration Summer Term 6 2022