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Our Christian Value this term is FORGIVENESS

This term our Christian Value is FORGIVENESS and children will be thinking about what it means to be forgive and be forgiven. In class, the children will be discussing what this means to them and hearing stories about the importance of being forgiveness. Through Class Worship, Collective Worship and Pupil Led Worship the children will learn about forgiveness in the Bible and the teachings of Jesus.



'And be kind to one another, tender hearted, forgiving each other, just as God also in Christ forgave you' Ephesians 4:32


FORGIVENESS is an important value to us. Forgiving one another, as Jesus taught us by his example, is the message we try to follow at Prestbury St Mary’s Federation. Forgiving ourselves and others can be challenging but through our growth mind set and learning behaviours, we learn that mistakes are good and proof that we are trying.


What makes forgiveness a distinctively Christian value?

We know that God forgives us. Christian forgiveness is based on God’s unconditional love for us, and despite the mistakes we make and the selfish attitudes we have, God still forgives us. God not only forgives us, but makes us new inside when we trust in him, and helps us to live each day by giving us His Holy Spirit as our helper. We can forgive others because God forgives us.


We see forgiveness shown through Christianity in many ways. God enables us to be forgiven because of Jesus’s death and resurrection. The Bible is full of verses which talk about forgiveness, and also command us to forgive others.  The Prodigal Son, the story of Joseph, and Jesus at the well all exemplify forgiveness.


What might forgiveness look like in school?

At Prestbury St Mary’s Federation, we develop our value of forgiveness through:


  • modelling it to one another
  • looking at Christian stories in worship
  • discussing how we can forgive when things go wrong
  • teaching what sincere apologies mean
  • having a fresh start after a bad day
  • celebrating when a child forgives and moves on
  • being empathetic to one another.



For more information, click on the link below

 Forgiveness at home and at school